Who we are

To build and strengthen peaceful interactions within the society through youth empowerment trainings, awareness creation, advocacy and collaborations

To emerge as a model decentralized organization tapping into the energies of individuals in peace building


PAMBIO is a successor organization to the Peace Ambassadors Kenya (PAK)  Initiative which was started February 2012 as a brainchild of youths from various institutions of higher learning in Kenya and the Kenya Administration Police Service who offered patronage to the initiative. We specialize in promoting peace and cohesion, community harmony and mutual coexistence, and respect for one another. Since its inception, the organization has endeavoured to grow as a formidable player in the peace building and youth empowerment sector within Kenya. We currently implementing five projects under our unique program titled Peace Ambassadors Kenya Program: Mobilizing, Organizing, Engaging, Empowering and Celebrating Kenya Youth

...being the positive change in the society