What Is Peace?

What Is Peace?- George Sande Momanyi


Leo Tolstoy once told a parable of a man who gazed at the sun trying to understand the source of its light. After a long time and without an answer to his burning desire to know, he ended up losing his sight from staring at the rays of the sun. In his blindness he became convinced that the sun did not actually exist. What he needed was to appreciate the value the sun had in his life.

Humanity too struggles to possess and understand peace. But it can’t afford to look at the meaning of peace in this tragic sense. Just like the sun, peace is not merely a ray of light for each of us, in our pursuit to understand peace, never shall we allow pride to divide us into clinging to strands and pieces of peace.

Peace lies deep within us. What we need to do is to sit down and remind ourselves how peace can best be used to achieve the goals we set for our lives. In the real world war is peace. But we want to change this ideology. The ideology that maybe change is hard to come by, that in any case peace does not pop up but by the wielding of a weapon. A seriously ill world that has conferred into either listening to the disgusting resonance of a bomb or gazing at a savage trajectory of a stone aimed at another human. A crude world measure by measure.

Nevertheless, to initiate a different outlook, my generation is designing a conventional weapon that partly seeks to restore the sanity of man, and specifically bring about sustainable coexistence. This weapon is peace. To arm every one we have told each other in many peculiar ways that peace starts with me. The ‘I’, the individual. Through peace walks, peace forums, clean-ups, health awareness campaigns, tree planting, public meetings, blood donation exercises…the code of the new world order is being wired. We are a brave new world of young people.

What we have not said out loud is that which takes place beneath that soul, that great place in you where the grandest thoughts grace, where the beginnings of all human actions first had their infancy. Where evil and weird cravings fleet and mingle with noble and holy reflections. Where the concepts of death and life permeate in a struggle for a meaning. And where peace is assured an elevated rung. This awareness is the trigger we are yet to pull and moot a bloodless coup d’état for a peaceful world.

In our minds lies the greatest deeds then. We need to be honest to ourselves, our thoughts, by having conversations with ourselves. The moment our thoughts and feelings about peace become our convictions, and then we develop a philosophy in the kind of life we would like to see others live beginning by the way we live it ourselves, and then defend the course of our spirits by overcoming first our selfish inner motives, then the peace we talk about, that we so much seek day and night, would be breath out of our nostrils. Our lips will utter words that would melt ice with their warmth. Our presence would lower barriers, as high as the Everest, tear apart differences as dividing as the iron curtain was. Our footprints will leave a divine path, for men of this world to tread on, for the future humanity to enshrine. Our voices will ring out and merge with the wind and travel like no speech ever travelled. Our message will know no creed, no tribe, and no nation. Our goal will reach bitter foes and they both in their different ways feel the same and be united in the truth about a quiet world. A paradise.

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