The projects main objective is to enhance the culture of environmental conservation through the schools community.
It is anticipated that the following specific objectives will be achieved during the life of the project:

  1. To mobilize and sensitize 9 Schools in 10 Counties to adopt new environmental conservation and preservation patterns of life every year.
  2. To initiate in 9 Schools in 10 Counties sustainable environment projects which inculcate environmental responsibility and ownership every year.

About Green Print

TPeace ambassadors Kenya recognizes that there is no nation that can achieve sustainable peace without conserving and preservation it’s environment. In the words of the late Nobel Prize laureate Pro. Wangari Mathai, “If we destroy nature today, nature will destroy us in the future.” To this end then, PAK runs the Environment for Peace Programme in response to the myriad of concerns that afflict the country in respect to the environment. These issues include; air pollution, climate change and global warming, energy, land degradation (land pollution, desertification, and deforestation), soil erosion and conservation, resource depletion/exploitation of natural resources, and poor waste management. These issues are serious and if not addressed will have huge and devastating ramifications not only on the present generation but their effect will be felt for generations to come. Hence the urgent need to mobilize and sensitize communities to adopt environmentally sound practices

We therefore have developed the GREEN PRINT PROJECT aimed at incorporating Environment Conservation and Preservation skills and awareness in different schools within the 47 counties in partnership with the county governments. This will help to create a renewed interest in Environmental stewardship among the school communities and especially the youth. It will not only educate the youth on the benefits of the environment but also help in mitigating the effects of climate change.