PAK Alumni

Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its Alumni because in any institution, alumni are key to its growth. We are focused on promoting a close relations between the Organization (PAMBIO) and its Alumni, promote the interest of the Alumni in the affairs of the Organization, ensure that programmes are initiated and developed for the benefit of the Alumni and the Organization, and to assist PAMBIO  in its development and pursuit of Peace building and Advocacy.

Our Relationship with the Alumni is kept close and Active through Various programs that are initiated by the Alumni Development which Includes: Community based Projects which includes Donations (Shoes, Clothes, Food etc). Alumni personal Development initiatives like Team Buildings, Career Development, Entrepreneurship Development among others.

The Alumni also get involved with Other Activities of PAMBIO, among them being Mentor a Mentee (MnM) Where they are involved as senors and give advice to the Mentee in areas to do with Career Choice, Health, Personal development etc. The Green Print, Peace Advocacy, Peace Education, Health Outreach, Life Skills among Others.