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 This is why I made Peace building & Youth Empowerment my life, passion and career. My inspiration has been to change the culture of violence among the youth and build a new generation of youth ready to give peace a chance and be change agents in their societies.

To achieve that, in the past 6yrs i have helped to set up and build multiple platforms to mobilize, organize, empower, engage and celebrate the youth.

One of these platforms has been Peace Ambassadors Kenya a truly remarkable and unique organization. To date this platforms has engaged thousands of youth in Kenya and beyond and generated thousands of  community development initiatives that have included peace education trainings, peace advocacy forums, education capacity building activities, health promotion activities, environment management initiatives, charity drives, youth livelihood initiatives and leadership development.

I believe that one is not a leader if they cannot become a ladder. My desire is to nurture more youth leaders and to build a Model Youth Empowerment Network committed to making the world a better place. 

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Latest News

  • I dream of a world at peace with itself, where human rights and dignity is upheld and youth can achieve self actualization in a secure and sustainable environment.
  • Francis Kooli, grew up in a region where conflict and bandit attacks were common. That is why he decided to embark on a mission to unite communities When he was a young boy, Francis Kooli and his...
  •   We have begun the process of officially registering members under our new umbrella of Peace Ambassadors Integration Organization (PAMBIO) ‪#‎Procedure 1. Go to the m-pesa menu 2. Select...


  • Samuel Karuita - Queen Young Leaders Award

  • Robert Mativo - Most Outstanding Member

  • Joanne Mumo - Female Pak Mobilizer of the Year

  • Sarah Kutahi - Exemporaly Leadership Award

  • Sharon C Kosgei - Most Outstanding Member

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Pambio Offices at Nyamakoroto Plaza, Biashara Street, Nakuru, Kenya