Mentor and Mentee

Since the inception of the Mentor and Mentee project, the programn has seen us succesfully completed the four year tenure with Senetwo Secondary School in West Pokot County. During this four years, the program has been able to achieve various milestones such as: building of classes and sanitary blocks for the students, thanks to the generous donation of our members, the school has enough text books and revision books. The students grades and self-esteem improved immensely too.  The students were able to discover and own their talents too. The girls had a supply of sanitary towels throughout their school stay (the school is now an all-boys school). Before we left the school, we left them with first aid skills and life skills such as mat making, soap making, snack making and beading.

This year 2018, we launched the program in a school called Kiamunyuru Secondary School in Gatarakwa location, Nyeri county. The school has a total of 107 students, 45 girls and 62 boys. During our four years in the school, we hope to achieve the following, improve the students grades and self esteem, help in talent development of the students, cultivate a reading culture in the school and to impart them with first aid and life skills.

In Hindi secondary school in Lamu county and Ngubereti secondary school in Baringo county, we have seen imorovement in the students grades and self esteem. In terms of talent,most students are aware of their talents and every year, there is a talent show in which Mr and Miss Peace are selected. Through the help of other departments, we have been able to establish clubs such as; enviromental club, peace club, health club and journalism club. The girls have also been receiving sanitary towels. We hope that by the end of our four years we will leave them with life skills and first aid skills


  1. Ensure that girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes
  2. Ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university
  3. Eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education including persons with disabilities and children in vulnerable situations
  4. Substantially increase the number of youth who have relevant skills, including technical skills, for employment and entrepreneurship
  5. Ensure that learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, human rights, gender equality, peace and non-violence and global citizenship


  1. We have initiated mentorship in four schools targeting underprivileged students in Lamu, Baringo, West Pokot, and Nyeri Counties
  2. We have trained over 1,000 graduate and under-graduate mentors and matched them with Secondary school students
  3. We have organized quarterly school mentorship visits each year since 2014
  4. We have provided conflict management trainings for both mentors and mentees.
  5. We have sensitized our mentors and mentees on environment management, reproductive health, drug abuse, human rights and career choices
  6. We have provided trainings on life skills, entrepreneurship and nurtured talents
  7. We have mobilized and donated books, learning materials and games equipment
  8. We have offered sanitary towels to all our mentee girls every school month
  9. We have contributed to school infrastructural development of classrooms and sanitation blocks in Christ the King Secondary school in West Pokot.
Open Circle Discusion
Mentor teaches IT Skills to her Mentee
Ladies to Girls Open Talk
Senetwo Secondary School
West Pokot County

The project was incepted in May 2014 and ended in 2017. Christ the King Senetwo Secondary School- West Pokot being the pioneer. The school is 1hrs drive from Kapenguria town near Chepararia Centre.

Ngubereti Secondary School
Baringo County

Launched in May 2015  being the 2nd school to benefit from the project. Ngubereti Secondary School is in Baringo County .  hour drive from Mogotio town.

Hindi Secondary School
Lamu County

Launched in February 2016 being the 3rd school to benefit from the project. Hindi Secondary School is in Lamu County. 

Kimunyuru Secondary School Gatarakwa, Nyeri County

Launched in March 2018 being the 4rd school to benefit from the project. Kimunyuru Secondary School is in Kieni west , Gataragwa Nyeri County. 

Mentors Testimonies

“My experience in MnM? Amazing! It is a life time experience on how I changed someone's life as I changed mine. Every time I travel to this part of Kenya that I never imagined I would visit just to see my Mentee Chemwou, I celebrate her growth.”
Wanjeri Hannah
”Ever since I became a Mentor, I have had a change of attitude and behavior. MnM has given me a rare opportunity to create change in young people's life. To give them hope and purpose for a bright future. I celebrate my Mentee Lewis who is top of his class.”
Brian Mutuma

Mentees Testimonies

“I celebrate my mentor for changing my attitude towards subjects and teachers and for building my condence. I hank PAK for providing us with sanitary towels and for building a sanitary block for students. Thanks to the solar panels we can now come early to schools and this has increased our study time. Without you I would have given up already, God bless you.”
Chemwou Iryne
Hannah's Mentee
“Before MnM I had never had anyone take interest in my life nor come across anyone who advised me beyond my studies. Today I am more condent and I thank Brian for believing in me, I will put more effort to succeed in my studies and change my life.”
Lewis Makhapila
Brian's Mentee