Life Skills Development

In PAK we believe that the greatest resource we have is the talent and skills of our diverse youthful members. Young people are dynamic, they have energy, are highly mobile but most important they are creative and innovative. They possess qualities that offer hope to the community

This paved way for the Life Skills Development Project. We believe that young men and women if given a platform to nurture and utilize their talents and skills they will not only develop themselves, gain economic independence but they can also use the same to provide sustainable solutions for challenges affecting them and their community.
We have thus committed ourselves to identify and nurture these skills and talents through various initiatives.


  1. Contribute to decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and including knowledge on access to financial services for Kenyan youth
  2. Contribute to achieving full and productive employment and decent work for young people in Kenya
  3. Contribute to reducing the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training in Kenya


  1. We nature work experience through volunteering opportunities
  2. We build leadership capacity through club and project steering chances
  3. We organize youth employability trainings
  4. We provide career and talent coaching
  5. We offer financial and business management trainings
  6. We promote professional writing skills
  7. We promote performance arts like music, drama and theatre
  8. We support photography and film development
  1. We promote sports activities
  2. We organize fashion and modeling competitions  
Miss Pak 2017/2018 - Come up with the mabati project to buildan old lady a house.
Shadrack Juma - Mr Pak 2016 community project
Linet Njedeka - Miss Pak 2016 community project
Members during a sports event
Pak Artist, Nelmo Newsong performing