Health Outreach

The Health Outreach Project is designed to help improve health status through community education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, disease awareness campaigns and blood donation drives. The project is spearheaded by PAK members with a background in health related studies.
Kenya’s healthcare system has a little more than half of the blood supply it needs for transfusions, often resulting in only a fraction of cases being addressed.

Health Outreach Project aims at having its institutional clubs/chapters partner with the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services to organize blood donation drives at their institution at least twice a year.

The project targets to raise 2000 blood units annually for the Kenya Blood Bank. The project also conducts blood recruitment and blood safety trainings aimed at dispelling the fears associated with blood donation.

Under health outreach project, we have been able to conduct:

  • Anti-jigger campaigns
  • HIV and AIDS prevention campaigns
  • TB, Malaria, Cancer awareness campaigns
  • Public Hygiene campaigns
  • Drug Abuse awareness campaigns
  • Family planning and behavioral change campaigns
  • Empowering community with first aid skills
Anti Jigger Campaign
First Aid session during a peace walk
Pak members during blood donation