4rd Annual Gala Dinner
From KSH 1300
17:00 to 22:00


…The stars glitter in the sky as the hum of conversation grows, bursts of laughter from both Old and New members alike…
The tales of experiences they cherished collected as a Family, Lives they had touched and those they had lost over the years.

This is the story of how Strangers became Family.

The Gala is scheduled on the 📆8th of Dec in 🔹Nakuru- NURU PALACE HOTEL Get Ready

Registration feeRegular | Ksh 1300
VIP | Ksh 2500
Till Number 863978

This Year’s Theme is:
– Vintage for Men plus Masquerade mask
– Dinner Dresses with Masquerade mask for Ladies

ACTIVITIES will include:

Dress-Up Dinner??‍♀??‍♂
Fundraiser towards 2019 projects

– Extravaganza night

*Red carpet*Photo shoot?‍♂

Extreme fun with an opportunity to network with guests and fellow peace ambassadors.

Theme: Masquerade

For inquiries, contact: Newton 0715 349375