Baringo Mentorship

Baringo Mentoring in the Dawn of Drought Baringo, whirlwinds dominated the bare fields. I had to keep covering my eyes with the back of a sweaty hand. The strange thing is every time the whirlwinds would start they would head straight for the kitchen. Read more

Story of Healing By Doing Good

Sexually Abused At 10– Marylize Biubwa I stood in the shower for what seemed like hours, trying to wash away what he had done to me. I was in pain. My entire body hurt…..  Yes. I am a rape survivor. This, and the events that took place afterwards, changed my life forever. Maybe if I […]

Mau Tree Planting

A Day in the Nourishing Hands of Mau Forest – Sarah Kutahi The first time Mumo heard about Mau her adrenaline pumped to levels that only allowed her to compose songs she would sing with any kid she came across in this foreign land. Mumo is one of the long serving Peace Ambassador with a […]

Tembea kenya

Feel The Western Kenya Experience – Sarah Kutahi “Kuishi kwingi, ni kuona mengi” a famous saying in Kenya that warns young people to wait their turn for wisdom to be bestowed on them accompanied with grey hair and wrinkled skin. The lady seated next to Amani in a matatu could not agree with this statement, […]