Calling all storytellers

The art of weaving words and imagination together to make a story is a tradition as ancient as humanity itself. We are co-writing a book aimed at providing practical guidelines and tools for peacebuilders, and are collecting peacebuilding stories to be included. We want to hear how people are responding to conflict and building safer communities, […]

Bitter paradise

By: Kechi Kenyatta Broken chairs, Broken limbs, Name not the bleeding heart, Maybe it isn’t my day. I’ve always backed down, Though backed up by the liquor Only to jot down my life in my chair My career to lay off my future And now loneliness is my middle name Sadness my pension to hang […]

What Is Peace?

What Is Peace?- George Sande Momanyi Leo Tolstoy once told a parable of a man who gazed at the sun trying to understand the source of its light. After a long time and without an answer to his burning desire to know, he ended up losing his sight from staring at the rays of the […]

PEACE: Reality or a Mirage

PEACE: Reality or a Mirage- Hafsa Mohamed Peace. What do I know about peace? I’m just a girl from Mandera who distant bullet and bomb sounds in Bulla Hawa sing her to sleep. What do I know about peace when my neighbours who borrowed salt from each other yesterday kill each other today in the […]

Back to my Roots.

Back to my Roots- Robert Thuo On Sunday, the world celebrated Father’s day. I could not help but wonder what being a father means. In that day’s context, people of all walks of life celebrated male figures, biological or non-biological who brought them up. Most African societies are paternal, and men play a significant role […]

Youth and peaceful elections in Africa

Youth and peaceful elections in Africa- Linda Alitsi Elections are a democratic right which leads to political, socio-economic and even geo-physical transformation of a nation. This can only be felt if the elections are peaceful. The political arena in Kenya has since independence, been dominated by the older generation with limited youth participation. In addition, […]

Imagine a World of Human Similarity

Imagine a World of Human Similarity – Eric Karoi The Good Book attributes the origin of mankind to divine creation. Scientists and historians on the contrary believe that human beings evolved from a primitive state. The beauty of these two analogies is: both agree that human beings have a common origin. Diversity from the Biblical […]

PEACE: An inimitable Asset

PEACE: An inimitable Asset – Vivienne Eyase ‘Peace’ as a noun has been described as ‘freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility’. This definition contemplates the ‘peace of mind’ which literally denotes mental calmness or serenity. Peace also connotes the meaning of ‘freedom from or the cessation of war or violence’ or simply ‘freedom from civil […]

I Think Africa Movement

The Path to Peace and Prosperity in Africa – Samuel Karuita Most people dream of an Africa at peace with itself, where human rights and dignity is upheld and young people can achieve self-actualization in a secure and sustainable environment. To understand peace and absence of it in Africa it is fundamental to first understand […]

Two years On , Queen young Leaders Awardee

Samuel Karuita reflects on his experiences Samuel Karuita is the Executive Director of Peace Ambassadors Integration Organisation (PAMBIO), which reinforces peaceful interactions within society through youth empowerment training, raising awareness, advocacy and collaboration.. Image above: Samuel Karuita arrives at Downing Street with Nosipho Bele and Nadia Hitimana Read more