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What We Do


Our Mission

To build and strengthen peaceful interactions within the society through youth empowerment trainings, awareness creation, advocacy and collaborations.

Our Vision

To emerge as a model decentralized organization tapping into the energies of individuals in peace building.

Our Core Values

*Peace *Love *Unity. These are the principles that guide the actions and interactions of PAK and drive our accountability to each other and our stakeholders.

Mentor & Mentee

The MnM project is an Education Mentorship Project designed to provide high school students from marginalized counties with mentors to inspire them both academically and in their life aspirations.

Green Print

Environmentally responsible behaviour is an essential part of our philosophy in our quest for Sustainable Peace. “If we destroy nature today, nature will destroy us in the future.” Wangari Maathai (1940-2011)

Peace Advocacy

It takes concerted efforts to build a peaceful and cohesive Kenya and it is this reality that underpins the inception of PAK. We commit our Motto, "Let There Be Peace In Kenya And Let It Begin With Me"

Peace Education

The Peace Education Program helps one discover their own inner strength & choice of personal peace. The program provides learning experiences to reduce violence, enhance personal integrity and foster mutual respect.

Health Outreach

Health is a bridge for peace. By utilizing the skills of it’s members undertaking health studies, PAK seeks to help improve the health of communities through education, promoting healthy lifestyles and awareness campaigns.

Life Skills

In PAK, our greatest resource is the talent and skills of our diverse youthful members. Young people are dynamic, full of energy, highly mobile but most important they are creative. We aspire to channel this towards peace building

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind...

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